Online Giving

This guide will walk you through setting up online giving for FSBC using your checking account.

First, login to the members portal at  If you need help creating an account, see Creating a New Account.
Note: If you go directly to the giving site or by clicking the Give Online link on the FSBC web page, please login first so that your donation will be linked to your member account.

Once logged into the portal, click the Give Online button.

The next page you'll see allows you to set the amount to give.  Enter the amount and click the Add button.

Then choose the frequency.  Is this a one-time gift, or would you like to set up a recurring gift (weekly, monthly, etc.)?  You can choose the starting date (which for monthly would be the day of the month that all charges would be processed). Once you set up a recurring gift, you'll receive an email (from a few days before the bank draft goes through, reminding you of the amount to be deducted from your account.

You can also choose a specific end date for the recurring charge, or select Continuous.  With either option, you can cancel the recurring charge at any time.

Press Step 2: Payment Information to continue, and the Payment Information page will be shown.

Enter your bank name, account type, routing number, account number, name, and state.  If you would like to save this payment method for future use, make sure the checkbox is marked.

When complete, press Step 3: Review Before Processing & Authorize to continue, and the Review Before Processing page will be shown. 

Once you have ensured that all of the information is correct, press the Step 4: Authorize and Process Contribution button.

Then you will see a receipt and receive an email from LogosCMS <> for confirmation. Be sure to check your spam folder if you do not receive the receipt.  This email will be sent to the address associated with your member account, so double-check that information as well.

Once you see the receipt page, your giving has been set up.  If you have set up a recurring gift, you will receive an email 2 days before the charge will be processed, and then another email on the day of the charge to confirm that it has been made.